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      Driver's club // GPFH 2024
      Driver's club // GPFH 2024

      Driver's club // GPFH 2024

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      Enjoy the races of the Kennol Grand Prix de France Historique in the best conditions in the heart of the event. Refresh yourself and enjoy the catering while admiring the races.

      Access to the Driver's Club is included for drivers on grids 1,2,3,4,6. Please contact your Grid Manager before purchasing.
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      Date: Friday 19, Saturday 20 & Sunday 21, April 2024

      Opening hours: 9.30 am - 5pm

      Location : Pit Building, 2nd floor, Panoramique 2. 

      Description*: Welcome coffee - Lunch cocktail.
      Open soft bar, beer and sweets in the afternoon

      Morning: Mini pastries, mini muffins and fruit basket.

      Lunch cocktail: 4 cold salty pieces, 6 hot salty pieces, 4 sweet pieces

      Afternoon: Mini donuts, cannelés, sweets, assortment of sweets, macaroons.

      Open Bar: Coffee, tea, fruit juice, soda, still and sparkling mineral water

      * sample menu depending on the arrival of fresh products.


      This reservation is firm and definitive from the moment it is cashed. Please note that no reimbursement will be made even in case of non-participation. The participant must comply with the circuit's internal regulations and respect the instructions, licences and equipment laid down by the FFSA regulations. The participant acknowledges that he/she is responsible for any damage he/she may cause, including to himself/herself. Damage to the infrastructure will also be charged to the participant.


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