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The French Historic Championship

The French Historic Track Championship will be held in events called "Historic Tour". 

The Historic Tour 2024 will be divided into five rounds. The Dijon-Prenois circuit will kick off in early May, while the Val de Vienne circuit will host the epilogue in October. 

The Championship includes 4 distinct categories

- Single Seater/Protos : F3 & FR Classic Trophy, Challenge Formula Ford Historic, SportProtosCup, Formule Ford Kent/Zetec Trophy

- GT/Touring Pré 1990 : Maxi 1300, Maxi 2L Classic, Lotus Trophy, Racing Over 2 L

- GT/Touring Post 1990 : GT Classic, Saloon Cars Trophy, Youngtimers GTI Cup, Roadster Pro Cup

- French Historic Endurance Championship : 200 km of Historic Tour

The races are held in a format of 20 to 30 minutes depending on the category and now there is a 90 minute endurance race.


GT Classic

GT series, competition, Brand cup, Group B, Group 5 produced from 01/01/1982 to 31/12/1997 - see list of eligible cars - no PTH

Proto Classic

Protoypes less than 3L until 2000. PTH 

Formule Ford Kent

Single-seaters of the Formula Ford 1600 Kent type built from 1967 to 1992. 

F3 Classic

Single-seaters type F3 with or without PTH before 1985, without carbon or electronic injection.

FRenault Classic

FRenault single-seaters until 1994. With 2 classes : the Turbo & the Atmo 1721

Maxi 1300

Touring cars of less than 1300cc - with or without PTH - until 31/12/1980

Youngtimers GTI Cup

Touring Grp N, A & F-GTI, type "GTI" of less than 2 litres - without PTH, homologated from 01/01/1982 au 31/12/1990 - see list of eligible cars.

Formula Ford Historic

Formule Ford from 1967 to 1981,in the original configuration, also hosts guest cars in the same spirit: 1600cc without fins.

Lotus Trophy

Lotus Seven Series I, II, III et IV, built between 1957 and 1973, Caterham 1600cc. Other Lotus by invitation.

Classic Maxi 2L

Touring & GTs with less than 2 litres and less than 200hp approved until 31/12/1980.

Roadster Pro Cup

Mazda MX5 1600, 16V, 115hp from 1990 to 1993 (first generation NA series) + preparation kit

Proto Historic

Protoypes until 1981, prototypes less than 1989 and sport 2000 until 1986. 

Racing Over 2L

Touring & GTs with more than 2 litres or more than 200hp approved until 31/12/1980.

Superberline 2.0L

4-door hatchbacks (with boot, hatchback tolerated on some models) built from 1990 to the end of 1997

200 Km de l'Historic Tour

All Touring / GTs and Protos eligible for one of the Historic Tour Trophies except Single seater.

Saloon Car

Touring & GT models produced before le 31/12/1997.

Numerous evolutions and modifications are possible whileremaining within the same engine brand

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