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    Fuel // HT SPA 2024
    Fuel // HT SPA 2024

    Fuel // HT SPA 2024

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    F3/F2 - 50L Can / 50L Bulk

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    Declination Quantity available
    F2-F3 Classic - 50L bulk100
    F2-F3 Classic - 50 L drum100
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    Quantité :

    F3 Classic :

    Drum of 50L of fuel 102 CFR SUNOCO : the only fuel allowed for the F3Classic Trophy

    2 Types of delivery are possible : in drums of 50L (default) or "vrac" (you have to come with your own empty drums to feed it at SODIFUEL's truck)
    "Vrac" mode is a little less expensive because no drum is provided.

    Please notice that "vrac" mode is always by 50L. No possibility to give by single liter.


    This fuel complies with art 252 9 of FIA Appendix J. The addition of oil for lubrication is allowed up to a maximum of 2%.

    No other additive or mixture is allowed.

    This reservation is firm and definitive from the moment it is cashed. Please note that no refunds will be made less than 8 days before the event, even in the event of non-participation. Futs will be delivered and distributed directly on the circuit on the Friday morning before the event. Orders must be placed at least 10 days before the event.

    This reservation is valid per meeting. The price includes delivery costs.

    100 Items

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