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    300 KM Dijon Motors Cup

    Gasoline fixed price (3x30L) : 355 € INCL. VAT. Will be added to the order.

    An endurance race “The 300 km” of the Dijon Motors Cup.

    It will be open to all the Berlines, GT, Protos and Thundersports of the meeting.

    Dijon Motors Cup’s competitors will be able to enter either their car already entered in one of the series or a second one.

    The aim is to offer competitors a 120 minutes race with 3 compulsory pit stops (minimum time : 2’30min). The choice of tyres is free and refuelling is authorised in a dedicated zone (fixed price for petrol: 30L/stop).

    It can be run with crews of 1 to 4 drivers.



    Berlines, GT, eligible for one of the Trophies, Cup, Challenge or Series of the Dijon Motors Cup. Sports Prototypes will also be accepted :

    – Protos : prior to 31/12/1981

    – Sport 2000 : prior to 31/12/1984

    – NKHTGT : prior to 31/12/1965



    A scratch ranking will be established from all the cars.


    1 qualifying session ; 40 minutes maximum

    A 120 minutes race with at least 3 compulsory pit stops :

    –  The first stop must be made between the 23rd and 38th minute of the race.

    –  The second stop must be made between the 53rd and 68th minute of the race.

    –  The third stop must be made between the 83rd and 98th minute of the race.

    Only during these stops : cars will be able to go to the refuelling area located at the pre-grid.

    According to art. 7.5 of the standard regulations for asphalt circuits : refuelling is only possible in the dedicated area with a maximum distribution of 30L per stop. Fuel distribution will be carried out only by the teams of the official supplier Sodifuel. These teams will be equipped with balaclavas, non-flammable gloves conforming to FIA standards and FIA 86 standard overalls and protective glasses. The use of radios and mobile phones is forbidden in the refuelling area.

    The zone will be dedicated exclusively to refuelling. It will be closed to the public and only officials, security teams, pit crews and the driver will have access to it. 2 pumps will be installed and it is possible that the competitor will have to wait for a pump to become available to be served.

    Licences :
    Drivers could have a National or International valid race licence. In case of National race licences, drivers have to hold an authorization to participate to the race from their local ASN, except for MSA Licence “Race National A”.

    Transponders :
    Only transponders TAG Heuer by Chronelec can be used during all the races. Renting is possible with the timekeeper’s office: 50€ for the event.

    You can buy transponders on the ITS website, by clicking this link.

    Timekeeping : Florent Renault



    • Si la demande est reçue entre 10 jours et plus avant la compétition, aucune retenue ne sera appliquée et la modification d’épreuve sera sans frais.
    • Si la demande est reçue dans les 10 derniers jours* précédents l’épreuve, l’inscription sera décalée aux conditions ci-dessous :
      • Si inscription et paiement au tarif minoré, retenue de 100 €
      • Si inscription et paiement au tarif normal, retenue de 30%

    *La date de décompte retenue est celle de l’ouverture de l’accueil des concurrents et donc du jeudi veille des essais qualifs.

    Aucun remboursement ne peut être fait en cas d’absence ou d’abandon ou désistement dès lors que les vérifications administratives ont été effectuées.

    Conditions de remboursement détaillées

    En réservant ce produit vous acceptez d’office les conditions générales de vente disponibles en cliquant ici  et la réglementation applicable disponible en cliquant ici.

    If the request is received between 10 days and more before the competition, no deduction will be applied and the change of event will be free of charge.
    If the request is received in the last 10 days* before the event, the registration will be postponed according to the conditions below:
    If registration and payment at the reduced rate, 100 € will be withheld
    If registration and payment at the normal rate, 30% deduction

    *The date of calculation is the opening date of the reception of the competitors and therefore the Thursday before the qualifying practice.

    No reimbursement can be made in case of absence, withdrawal or withdrawal once the administrative checks have been carried out.

    By booking this products, you accept the terms and conditions of sales by clicking here and general regulation by clicking here.

    En cas de décalage ou annulation d’une épreuve :

    Les engagements seront reportés sous forme d’avoir sur le prochain meeting auquel participe le concurrent. Le client doit envoyer un mail à pour réclamer son avoir et préciser sur quelle autre épreuve il souhaite l’utiliser.

    En cas d’impossibilité de participer à une autre épreuve de la saison, un remboursement sera possible uniquement sur demande par mail à

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