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HISTORIC TOUR MAGNY-COURS | Film of the week-end

HISTORIC TOUR MAGNY-COURS | Film of the week-end


21: the number of races contested.

338: the number of drivers competing.

20,000: the number of spectators who turned out for the weekend.

150+: the number of decorated trucks taking part in the Saturday evening parade.

1'44.549: best lap of the race by Franck MOREL (TOJ SC206).


Jean-Pierre RICHELMI, Winner in the pre-1991 Berlin/GT category at 200 km and both races in the Maxi 2L Classic: "On Saturday in the rain with the Lotus it's impossible to win, but the second race was dry and I had a great time with my friend right to the end, so I was very happy. It was harder with the car at the 200 km mark because we lost power at the end, but we won the category and we're going to put it right for the next race." 

Augustin MOREAU, winner of race 2 in the Youngtimers GTI Cup: "We're at Magny-Cours, it's a very beautiful circuit, the car worked for me and there were some great battles with the top 4 in my category. Right from qualifying we knew it was going to be tight, because we were all in the same second and the cars worked perfectly. My objective is the French championship, and I'm still in contention and in the top 3, so it's looking good for now, and we'll see about the next race at Nogaro."  


This weekend marked the halfway point in the season for the 300 drivers entered in the French championship. After 6 races, some gaps are widening, while others are narrowing. In the single-seater/rotor category, François BELLE (Formule Ford Historic) maintains his 15-point lead over Jean-Charles MONNET and his Formule Renault Turbo Classic (235 pts vs. 220 pts), both of whom scored a one-two finish this weekend. In third place was Swiss driver Gislain GENECAND with 211 points in the Formula Ford Historic class. 

In the GT/Tourisme Pré 90 category, the three front-runners shone at the weekend, winning both races in their respective categories. Emmanuel BRIGAND dominated the standings with 226 points in the Racing Over 2L, ahead of Monegasque Jean-Pierre RICHELMI with 201 points in the Maxi 2L Classic. Philippe GANDINI, competing in the Maxi 1300 Series, completed the podium just one point behind his predecessor.

Still in GT/Touring but this time Post 90, Mathieu RIGOULET dominates with 191 points in the Roadster Pro Cup, ahead of Augustin MOREAU in the Youngtimers GTI Cup with 181 points. Sébastien Mathieu, from the GT Classic grid, came third after an excellent weekend with 175 points. 

In the historic endurance category, the insatiable duo of Jean-Pierre RICHELMI and Philippe GACHE are in the lead with 82 points. They are overtaken by the very fine performance of the weekend by the Franco-Swiss duo Xavier MICHEL and Gislain GENECAND, just 6 points behind. In third place, Jean-François BESSON and Guillaume GAGNARD were hot on their heels with 66 points. 


GT Classic Trophy 

Race 1: 1 Patrick DELANNOY, 2 Sébastien MATHIEU, 3 Jean-François BESSON

Race 2: 1. Patrick DELANNOY, 2. Jean-François BESSON, 3. Sébastien MATHIEU

Proto Classic

Race 1: 1. Stéphane NGUYEN, 2. Josserand DE MURARD, 3. Didier BERREZAI 

Race 2: 1 Stéphane NGUYEN, 2 Josserand DE MURARD, 3 Didier BERREZAI

Formula Ford Kent Trophy 

Race 1: 1 Matthieu MIDY, 2 Arnaud DOUSSE, 3 Benjamin MONTEIRO

Race 2: 1. Matthieu MIDY, 2. Christian VAGLIO-GIORS, 3. Loic BOUQUET

F3 Classic Trophy

Race 1: 1. Christian VAGLIO-GIORS, 2. Matthieu CHATEAUX, 3. Ian JACOBS

Race 2: 1 Matthieu CHATEAUX, 2 Xavier MICHEL, 3 Manfredo ROSSI DI MONTELERA

Trophée FRenault Classic (Turbo)

Race 1: 1. Jean-Charles MONNET, 2. Pierre BOITE, 3. Adrien REMY-SPIRE

Race 2: 1 Jean-Charles MONNET, 2 Pierre BOITE, 3 Adrien REMY-SPIRE

Trophée FRenault Classic (Atmo) 

Race 1: 1. Benoît BAGUR

Race 2: 1. Benoît BAGUR, 2. Dean RIMBERT

Maxi 1300 Series

Race 1: 1. Philippe GANDINI, 2. Laurent PUGET, 3. François POUILLON

Race 2: 1. Philippe GANDINI, 2. Xavier MICHEL, 3. François POUILLON

Maxi 2L Classic 

Race 1: 1 Jean-Pierre RICHELMI, 2 Alain LAGACHE, 3 Pascal METAYER

Race 2: 1 Jean-Pierre RICHELMI, 2 Damien SIONNEAU, 3 Pascal METAYER

Youngtimers GTI Cup

Race 1: 1. Gael GRANDPIERRE, 2. Frédéric CHAULAN, 3. Augustin MOREAU

Race 2: 1. Augustin MOREAU, 2. Fabien AUMARD, 3. Thomas MAEHR

Formula Ford Historic Challenge

Race 1: 1. François BELLE, 2. Gislain GENECAND, 3. NELSON

Race 2: 1 François BELLE, 2 NELSON, 3 Gislain GENECAND

Lotus Trophy 

Race 1: 1. Dominique VULLIEZ, 2. Florent CAZALOT, 3. Philippe KOENIG

Race 2: 1. Dominique VULLIEZ, 2. Anthoni VETRO, 3. Florent CAZALOT

Racing Over 2L

Race 1: 1. Emmanuel BRIGAND, 2. Miguel LANGIN, 3. Olivier DUSAILLY

Race 2: 1 Emmanuel BRIGAND, 2 Miguel LANGIN, 3 Manfredo ROSSI DI MONTELERA

Proto Historic 

Race: 1: 1. Bernard GARSOU, 2. Patrick FERRIER, 3. Louis KOLLY

Race 2: 1. Franck MOREL, 2. Louis KOLLY, 3. Bernard GARSOU

Roadster Pro Cup

Race 1: 1. Louis TURBOT, 2. Mathieu RIGOULET, 3. Mathis VISENTIN

Race 2: 1. Michaël BLANC, 2. Mahieu RIGOULET,3. Antoine MARTIN

200 KM Historic Tour 


Saloon Cars Trophy (support grid)

Race 1: 1. Fabrice LEFEBVRE, 2. Sébastien MATHIEU, 3. Julien GRENET

Race 2: 1. Julien GRENET, 2. Sébastien MATHIEU, 3. Fabrice LEFEBVRE

Superberline 2.0L (guest)

Race 1: 1. Paul SANTOS, 2. Frédéric GRAND, 3. Florian POZZOBON

Race 2: 1. Paul SANTOS ? 2. Frédéric GRAND, 3. Claude CRASSON


Round #4: Historic Tour Nogaro, September 6-7-8.

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