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HISTORIC TOUR MAGNY COURS | Meeting Presentation

HISTORIC TOUR MAGNY COURS | Meeting Presentation

Against a backdrop of cohabitation

For its third destination of the year, the Championnat de France Historique des Circuits joins the Nevers Magny-Cours circuit to share the bill with the Championnat de France Camions. It's an unprecedented cohabitation rich in spectacle, and the public will be the lucky beneficiary.


After stopping off at Dijon Prenois and Charade, the Championnat de France Historique des Circuits is preparing to return to another circuit that has hosted the French F1 GP. And not just once, in the case of the glorious Nevers Magny-cours track, which the premier class of motor sport visited 18 times between 1991 and 2008. The perfect place to rewrite history in the footsteps of the greats! As the third Historic Tour of the season, out of the five that make up the 2024 French Championship calendar, this meeting in the Nivernais region promises to be completely new in terms of its program. For the first time, the meeting will host the races of the French Truck Championship alongside the multiple confrontations of the French Historic Circuit Championship. It's a highly original cohabitation, which should provide a high-intensity show over three days, and attract a large number of spectators to the Magny-Cours circuit.


Act 3 of the Historic Tour is shaping up to be another very busy weekend, with 17 historic races, divided between 9 different grids. The Formula Ford class will be exceptionally united, with the drivers of the Kent Trophy and Historic Challenge taking to the track to form a single, imposing field of 33 single-seaters. This will be one of the largest grids of the meeting, behind the Saloon Cars Trophy, which has announced a record starting grid of 45 cars, and the Lotus Trophy, which has also been very well received, with 43 entries. The good news also comes from the 200 km endurance race, traditionally scheduled for the end of the day on Saturday. No fewer than 36 Protos or GT/Touring cars are expected to take to the starting line for a tough 1h30 battle. Last but not least, in addition to the 17 Historic Tour races, the lucky public will be able to attend the four confrontations of the French Truck Championship. 


The French Historic Circuit Championship is now well underway, with its four categories leading to as many national titles. Between Races 1 and 2, its leaders will even reach the halfway point of the season at Magny-Cours. François Belle, a tireless hunter for victory in Formula Ford Historic with his 1978 Lola T540E, will be the leader of the Monoplaces/Protos championship, ahead of his eternal great rival, the Swiss Gislain Genecand (Crosslé 25F 1974). Outgoing pre-90s GT/Tourism champion Emmanuel Brigand (1980 Porsche 930) will be defending his lead in this category, notably against current Lotus Trophy leader Nicolas Beloou. Mathieu Rigoulet (Mazda MX-5), one of the leading drivers in the Roadster Pro Cup, will be out to maintain his top position in the post 90s GT/Tourism category, where he is ahead of Augustin Moreau (1990 Honda Civic), one of the strongest performers in the Youngtimers GTI Cup. Last but not least, Monegasque Jean Pierre Richelmi and ex-pro Philippe Gache will be maneuvering aboard their Porsche 934 (from 1981) in a bid to retain command of the French Historic Endurance Championship.



Lotus Trophy

Races: Saturday 6.45pm and Sunday 11.25am (2 x 30 mins).

Cars entered: 43

The cars: Lotus Seven and old Caterham.

Prominent drivers: Vulliez, Delhaye, X.Jacquet, C.Jacquet, N.Beloou, Cazalot, Berrezai, Vetro, Bouchetal, Odin, Szyndelman, Vacher, Garcia Imaz, Koenig, Boucherie, Thiry, Lauber, Peinetti, Nguyen, Jan, Couche (Lotus Seven), Cattelin (Caterham), etc.


Racing Over 2L + GT Classic Trophy + Proto Historic & Classic

Races: Saturday 4.25pm and Sunday 4.30pm (2 x 25 mins).

Cars entered: 25

Cars: GT/Touring + 2000 cm3 (and - 2000 cm3 + 200 bhp) from before 1981, GT from before 1998 (GT Classic), Protos up to 89 or 2000 (Proto Historic & Classic). 

Prominent drivers: Racing Over 2L: Brigand, Rossi, Langin (Porsche 930), Regnier (Porsche 910), Dusailly (Ford Escort RS), Dauxerre (Porsche 911 3L), etc.

GT Classic: Mathieu (BMW M3 GTR), Grenet (Dodge Viper), Besson (Venturi 400), Delannoy, Billot, Le Flem/Chatellier, Samson (Porsche 964), Roche, Gaillard, Samson (Porsche 996), Carmen (Maserati Trofeo), etc.

Proto Classic & Historic: Nguyen (Lucchini), Morel (Toj SC206), Ferrier (Chevron B61), Kolly (Lola T292), Berrezai (Merlin), Garsou (ACE), Yvaren (Lola 86/90), etc.



F3 Classic Trophy + Formula Renault Classic Trophy 

Races: Saturday 3.40pm and Sunday 2.05pm, preceded by a Grid Walk (2 x 30 mins). 

Cars entered: 26

The cars: Pre-1985 F3 single-seaters and pre-1995 Formula Renaults (atmo and turbo).

Prominent drivers: F3 Classic: D.Leone, Lajoux, Vaglio Giors, Lacour, Bayers (March), Jacobs, Gerbout, Vallery-Masson, Tavarès, Nale (Ralt), Martin, Rossi, Houzelot, Eynard-Machet, Abbou Rossi (Martini), Michel (Chevron), etc. 

Formula Renault Classic: Monnet, Remy, Bagur, Boite, Chambon (Martini), Rimbert, (Orion), etc.

Youngtimers GTI Cup + SuperBerline 2L

Races: Saturday 2:00 pm and Sunday 3:50 pm (2 x 25 min). 

Cars entered: 22

The cars: Youngtimers: pre-1998 GTIs under 2L. SuperBerlines: evocations of the Supertourism cars of the 90s.

Prominent drivers: Youngtimers: Maehr, Fischmeister, Morel, Lecki, Chaulan, Grandpierre, Moreau, Vitry (Honda Civic), Latz, Martin (Golf GTI), etc.

SuperBerlines: Pozzobon (Alfa 156), Hebette (Renault Laguna), Grand (Honda Accord), Santos, Crasson, Ferriere, Bouchara/Ortion (BMW 318/320), Bruggmann, Bouvier, Govi/Perissaguet, Simonet, (Peugeot 405/406), etc.




200 km Historic Tour

The race: Saturday 7.30pm (90 mins).

Cars entered: 36

Cars: Protos/GTs/berliners eligible for Historic Tour grids.

Prominent drivers : Besson, Michel (Chevron B16/B19), Richelmi/Gache (Porsche 934), Guermonprez (Grac MT14), Danne/Grenet (Porsche 911SC), Faure (Porsche 911 RSR), Billot/Beloou (Porsche 964), Lacour/Ceci (Tiga), Destombes (Peugeot 905), Lammelin/Delhaye (Crosslé), Yvaren (Lola), Roche/Roche (Porsche 996), Pargamin (Lotus Seven), Quagliozzi/Piau (Honda Civic), Rimbert/Fastre (BMW M3), Sionneau/Ruffini, Bourget/Boudreault (Mazda MX5), Hebette (Renault Laguna), etc.

SUPPORT TRAY Saloon Cars Trophy Races: Saturday 11:45 am and Sunday 9:10 am (2 x 25 min). Cars entered: 45 Cars: GT/Touring cars built before 2000. Prominent drivers: Lefebvre (Audi Quattro), Grenet, Morel (Dodge Viper), Derognat (BMW 323i), Mathieu (BMW M3 GTR), Yvetot (Porsche 964 LMS), Fuet (BMW Compact), D.Samson, Roche, Gaillard (Porsche 996), Delarche, Vulin, Faurie (Caterham), Lortal, Guigues, Trichet (Lotus Elise), Cuynet (Seat Supercopa), J. Pirio, A.Pirio (Jidé), Grué (Chevolet Monza), Gautier, A.Samson (Porsche 964), Empois, Fastres (BMW M3), Drouilleau/Drouilleau (BMW 318), Wilders (Honda Integra), etc. ON THE PADDOCK On the paddock side, the Historic Tour's partners' village includes Oreca (sale of racing parts), Sodipneu/Sodifuel (supply of tires and fuel), Stand 21 (customized equipment and driver safety), as well as stands selling merchandise, clothing, miniatures, "automobilia", etc. In addition, the traditional Kennol Awards will honour a deserving driver at the end of each of the weekend's races. To mark the occasion and the presence of the Championnat de France Camions, the village will also host a number of events and exhibitions of trucks and club cars. The "Truck Show" parade and musical stage will also enliven the Saturday evening.

Formula Ford Kent Trophy + Formula Ford Historic Challenge 

Races: Saturday 5.05pm and Sunday 12.10pm (2 x 25 mins).

Cars entered: 33

Cars: FF Kent: pre-1993 Formula Ford Kent single-seaters. FF Historic: pre-1982 Formula Ford single-seaters.

Prominent drivers: Pre 74 and Pre 82: Belle (Lola), Genecand, Michel, McMorran, Ghio, Vaglio Giors, Eynard Machet, Comte (Crosslé), "Nelson" (Van Diemen), Rollet (March), Brunetti (Royale), Lecluse (Lotus), Sanjuan (Merlyn), Prévost (McNamara), etc.

Pré 90 and Pré 93: Dousse, Lebreton, D'Aubreby, Smith, Abadie (Van Diemen), Kozyreff, Deridder (Reynard), Ancenay, Chapuis (Rondeau), etc.

Maxi 2L Classic + Maxi 1300 Series

Races: Saturday 9:45 am and Sunday 8:30 am (2 x 25 min). 

Cars entered: 16

The cars: GT/Touring cars - 2000 cm3 and - 200 bhp pre-1981 (Racing Over 2L) and GT/Touring cars - 1300 cm3 pre-1981 and Classic Mini Cup.

Prominent drivers: Maxi 2L Classic: Richelmi, Sionneau, Metayer (Lotus Elan), Breugnot (Alpine A110), Lagache (Porsche 914/6), Kunz (Alfa 2000 GTV), Ollevier (BMW 2002), Mora (Ford Escort), etc.

Maxi 1300 Series: Gandini, Pouillon, Puget, Aubrun (Cooper S), Grosjean (Marcos), Grandpierre (Honda S800), Durat (Simca 1100), etc.


Roadster Pro Cup

Races: Saturday 11.05am and Sunday 9.50am (2 x 25 mins).

Entries: 31

The cars: First-generation Mazda MX-5s.

Prominent drivers: Rigoulet, Laborie, Visentin, Bouchet, Allard, Durville, Carreno, Martin, Beck, Leboulenger, Guitteny, Bourget, Turbot, Sionneau, Sauvadet, Darmet, Reitz, Bouet, Savin, Sionneau, Voidy (all on Mazda MX-5), etc.



Friday July 5: Private practice from 8.30am to 4.25pm. Qualifying from 4.35pm to 9.15pm. Saturday July 6: Practice from 8.00am to 9.30am and from 12.25pm to 1.00pm. Races from 9.45am to 12.10pm and from 2pm to 9pm. Sunday July 7: Races from 8.30am to 12.35pm and from 2.05pm to 6pm. 

4 French Truck Championship races: Saturday at 2.55pm and 6pm, Sunday at 3.05pm and 5.30pm.

On-site ticketing: 2-day pass: 35 Euros. Saturday pass: 30 Euros. Sunday pass: 25 Euros. Free admission for children under 16 accompanied by a ticket holder.

Media contact: presse@hvmracing.fr

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