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10: The number of races on Sunday.

146: the number of race laps completed today.

0.341 of a second: the smallest gap of the day between a winner and the next closest competitor (Lotus Trophy).

1:42.892: the fastest time achieved in the race, all platforms combined (Gislain GENECAND in F3 Classic).


Gislain GENECAND, winner in F3 Classic and second in Formula Ford Kent: "When you win, it always goes well. I got off to a very good start with a good pace and I opened up the gap very quickly. Frédéric LAJOUX came back strongly, so I was a little scared, and then when the Safety Car restarted I wasn't very good, but I managed to win the race.

Malivai CASTELLI, winner of Race 1 of the Maxi 2L Classic: "It was great fun on the track, with a very high level of driving from the top 5, it was great fun but with respect."

Jean-Pierre RICHELMI, winner of the 200km Historic Tour: "It was a very good feeling, we had tyre problems because we had 8-year-old tyres, but we managed to find a set of new tyres for the rain which we were able to maintain for practice and the race. The car was impeccable, so we're very happy."


Youngtimers GTI CUP: 1 Franck QUAGLIOZZI, 2 Julien PIAU, 3 Florent AUMARD

Superberline 2.0l: 1. Philippe GOSSET, 2. Florian POZZOBON, 3. Franck CABARROU

GT Classic: 1 Patrick DELANNOY, 2 Sébastien MATHIEU, 3 Jean-Pascal ROCHE

Saloon Cars: 1 Fabrice LEFEBVRE, 2 Julien GRENET, 3 Vincent DELARCHE

Maxi 2L Classic: 1. Malivai CASTELLI, 2. Jean-Pierre RICHELMI, 3. Damien SIONNEAU

Maxi 1300 Series: 1. Philippe GANDINI, 2. Eric EMPOIS, 3. David BARRERE

Roadster Pro Cup: 1 Laurent FRESNAIS, 2 Mathis VISENTIN, 3 Léo BOURGET

Formula Ford Kent Trophy: 1. Matthieu MIDY, 2. Gislain GENECAND, 2. Mathieu BOISSIERE

Racing Over 2L: 1 Jean-François BESSON, 2 Emmanuel BRIGAND, 3 Sylvain REGNIER

F3 Classic Trophy: 1 Gislain GENECAND, 2 Bruno HOUZELOT, 3 Laurent VALLERY-MASSON

Formula Renault Classic Trophy (Turbo): 1. Antoine ROBERT, 2. Lionel ROBERT, 3. Jean-Charles MONNET

Formula Renault Classic Trophy (Atmo): 1. Denis EMPOIS, 2. Georges TOMSEN, 3. Dean RIMBERT

Lotus Trophy: 1 Dominique VULLIEZ, 2 Nicolas BELOOU, 3 Eugène DELEPLANQUE

Formula Ford Historic Challenge: 1. François BELLE, 2. Gislain GENECAND, 3. Xavier MICHEL

200 km Historic Tour: 1 Jean-Pierre RICHELMI, 2 Xavier MICHEL, 3 Pascale & Jean-Pascal ROCHE


11 other races, from 8.40am to 12.20pm and from 1.30pm to 4.55pm.

Saturday's results and Sunday's races live on: www.its-results.com

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