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Historic Tour Val de Vienne | 20, 21 & 22 octobre 2023

Historic Tour Val de Vienne | 20, 21 & 22 octobre 2023


It's time for the final! After successive stops in Dijon, Albi, Lédenon and Nevers Magny-Cours, the 2023 edition of the French Historic Circuits Championship is about to reach its conclusion on the Val de Vienne track. It's the perfect destination for this epilogue, scheduled to take place on the Historic Tour's most popular circuit since its creation in 2015.

The 3.7km track in the Poitou region will be offering drivers a selective programme over three days, just as full as usual. As at previous meetings, the ten historic grids will each be the subject of a double sprint race over the weekend, while the 200km endurance race will be added to the tasty menu.

According to the latest countdown, some 250 historic gems are expected to grace the Val de Vienne paddock: single-seaters from F3, Formula Renault and Formula Ford, SportProtos and GT/Tourism, all of which have one thing in common: they date from the 50s to the 90s. In other words, half a century of motor sport brought back to life by the magic of the Historic Tour!

In keeping with the valuable tradition established at championship meetings, spectators will have free access to the paddock and will even have the opportunity to sample the atmosphere of an on-track starting grid during the weekend's two Grid Walks. This will be the case on Saturday, just a few minutes before the start of the Roadster Pro Cup race, and the following day as a prelude to the Maxi 2L Classic and Maxi 1300 Series grids.


As the season draws to a close, the weekend's races are bound to be decisive for the four French championship titles. In this respect, a quick reminder is in order for the pre- and post-90s Single Seater/Protos and GT/Touring categories: at the end of the ten races of the season (two per meeting), the final classification will be established on the basis of the nine best results. This possibility of a wild card should have the effect of keeping the suspense alive in many cases, which is something we can't complain about!

Although relegated to fourth place in the championship following his retirement from one of his races at Magny-Cours, Antoine Robert is still in the driving seat in the single-seater/rotor category. 

Virtually unbeatable on a regular basis in Formula Renault Classic, the young Manceau now has a second French Championship title within reach of the wheels of his Martini MK48, six years after his 2017 success. On the other hand, if he doesn't complete a clean sweep in La Vienne, the crown could go to a Formula Ford driver. Matthieu Midy and François Belle, currently ranked in the top two places, will be doing their utmost not to let such an opportunity slip away.

In GT/Tourism Pre 90, two men arrive in the Vienne tied on points at the top of a championship that is struggling to decide between them. Philippe Gandini (Mini Jem) and Emmanuel Brigand (Porsche 930) are the only drivers on the Historic Tour to have avoided defeat in their respective categories, the Maxi 1300 Series and the Racing Over 2L. Will they finally be able to separate themselves at this final meeting? That's the question.

The situation is different in the Post 90 GT/Tourism category. The figurehead of Saloon Cars at the wheel of his Audi Quattro, Fabrice Lefebvre heads into the final as championship leader, just four points ahead of his Roadster Pro Cup alter ego, the experienced Laurent Fresnais. The title is likely to come down to the two of them in a scenario that could prove to be full of twists and turns.

Finally, the verdict is in on the new French Historic Endurance Championship. Having won three of the four previous races, the pairing of Eric Martin and Laurent Vallery-Masson aboard a Debora proto is already assured of taking the spoils. What remains to be seen is the identity of the other drivers who will join them on the final podium.



F3 Classic Trophy 

Races: Saturday 3.30pm and Sunday 11.50am (2 x 30 mins). Races run in conjunction with the Formula Renault Classic Trophy.

The cars: Pre-1985 F3 single-seaters.

Prominent drivers: Lajoux, Lacour (March), Rossi, Houzelot (Martini), Michel (Chevron), Vallery-Masson, Tavarès, Genecand, Merche, Grelet (Ralt), etc. 

Formula Renault Classic Trophy 

Races: Saturday 3.30pm and Sunday 11.50am (2 x 30 mins). Races run in conjunction with the F3 Classic Trophy.

The cars: Formula Renault cars (atmo and turbo) from before 1995.

Prominent drivers: A.Robert, L.Robert, Monnet, Mottez, Bagur, Tomsen, Boite, D'Urbal Moniat (Martini), Empois, Rimbert (Orion), etc.

Formula Ford Kent Trophy 

Races: Saturday 2.20pm and Sunday 10.25am (2 x 25 mins).

The cars: Pre-1993 Formula Ford Kent single-seaters + non-championship Formula Ford Zetec cars.

Prominent drivers: Dousse, Midy, Genecand, "Nelson", Boissiere, Zosso, Faucher, Bouquet, Herault, Dupont, Abadie, Monteiro (Van Diemen), Sanjuan (Merlyn), Kozyreff, Tomsen, Deridder (Reynard), Weiss (Swift), Janin, Zonta (Rondeau), etc.

Formula Ford Historic Challenge 

Races: Saturday 4.50pm and Sunday 2.35pm (2 x 25 minutes).

The cars: Pre-1982 Formula Ford single-seaters + F3 1000 cm3.

The drivers: Belle (Lola), Genecand, Michel, McMorran, Scanlon (Crosslé), Sanjuan, "Nelson", Ingwiller (Van Diemen), Ghio, Baert (Merlyn), Crocker (Ray), Lecluse (Lotus), Prévost (McNamara), Mangold, Rollet (March), Dupont (Dulon), etc.


Races: Sunday 8.40 am and 4.30 pm (2 x 25 mins).

The cars: Sport-Protos from before 1995.

Prominent drivers: Nguyen, Bouvet/Perrier, Amoros (Lucchini), Vulliez (Bogani), Fischer (AMS), Derossi (Elva), Villot, Lateste (Osella), De Murard (Giada), Dougnac (Epsilon), Kolly, Contre, Yvaren (Lola), Berrezai (Merlin), Terrones (Chapman), Rossiaud/Le Jean (Hydra), Huez (Chevron), etc.


Lotus Trophy

Races: Saturday 4.10pm and Sunday 11.05am (2 x 30 mins).

The cars: Lotus Seven and former Caterham.

Prominent drivers: X.Jacquet, Delhaye, Vulliez, N.Beloou, Gaso, C.Jacquet, P.Metayer, Berrezai, Bouchetal, Odin, Szyndelman, Huret, Garcia Imaz, Koenig, Vest, Grenot, Vacher, Mingot (Lotus Seven), Touchet, Jan (Caterham), etc. 

Racing Over 2L

Races: Saturday 2.55pm and Sunday 3.50pm (2 x 25 mins).

The cars: GT/Touring cars over 2000 cm3 (and those under 2000 cm3 with over 200 bhp) built before 1981. 

Prominent drivers: Brigand (Porsche 930), Dauxerre, Baert, Renault (Porsche 911), Kohler (Ford GT40), Besson/Besson (Alpine A310 V6), Julien, Calas, Dupuy, Dusailly (Ford Escort RS), Ancelin (Austin Healey 3000), Excoffier/Excoffier, Godfroy (Chevrolet Corvette), Regnier (Porsche 906), etc.

Maxi 2L Classic

Races: Saturday 11.15am and Sunday 2pm, preceded by a Grid Walk (2 x 25 mins). Races run in conjunction with the Maxi 1300 Series.

The cars: GT/Touring cars with less than 2000 cm3 and less than 200 bhp built before 1981. 

Prominent drivers: Benne, Lasaires, Kohler (Lotus Elan), Breugnot (Alpine A110), Lagache (Porsche 914), Castelli (Ford Escort), Ollevier (BMW 2002), Grosjean (Morgan), Baert (Alfa Giulia), Fazi (Triumph TR4), Teyssier (Ford Capri), Tetot (Triumph TR3), etc.

Maxi 1300 Series Races: Saturday 11.15am and Sunday 2pm, preceded by a Grid Walk (2 x 25 mins). Races run in conjunction with the Maxi 2L Classic. The cars: GT/Touring cars under 1300 cm3 built before 1977. Prominent drivers: Gandini (Mini), Pouillon, Barrere, Bardet, Petit/Vidal, Naulet, Allard, Remaud, Baldaia (Cooper), Grosjean, Desnoux (Marcos), Benjamin (Alpine A106), Wathelet (NSU TT), Grandpierre (Honsa S800), etc. THE POST 90S FRENCH GT/TOURING CHAMPIONSHIP GRIDS Roadster Pro Cup Races: Saturday 1.45pm, preceded by a Grid Walk, and Sunday 3.10pm (2 x 25 mins). The cars: First-generation Mazda MX-5s. Prominent drivers: Fresnais, Hergault, Bourget, Manganaro, Turbot, Martin, Bouchet, Sauvadet, Savin, Benjamin, Sionneau, Allard, Olivier, Gaudelus, Filipowicz, Carreno, Bessiere, Filipowicz, Borrego (all on Mazda MX-5s), etc. GT Classic Trophy Races: Saturday 10.40am and Sunday 9.50am (2 x 30 mins). Races run in conjunction with the Saloon Cars Trophy. The cars: GT cars built before 1998.

Prominent drivers: Delannoy (Porsche 964), Mathieu (BMW M3 GTR), Raffin (Ferrari F430), Gaillard, Roche/Roche (Porsche 996), Besson (Venturi 400), etc.

Saloon Cars Trophy Races: Saturday 10.40am and Sunday 9.50am (2 x 30 mins). Races run in conjunction with the GT Classic Trophy. The cars: GT/Touring cars built before 1999. Prominent drivers: Lefebvre (Audi Quattro), Grenet (Dodge Viper), Yvetot (Porsche 964 LMS), Gautier, A.Samson (Porsche 964), D. Samson (Porsche 996), Danne (BMW M3 GTR), Empois (BMW E21), Deloison/Grue (BMW M3), Delarche, Faurie (Caterham), Lortal, Trichet (Lotus Elise), Drouilleau (BMW 318), Verney (R5 GT), Pirio (Jidé), etc. Youngtimers GTI Cup + Superberline 2.0l Races: Saturday 10.05 am and Sunday 9.15 am (2 x 25 minutes). Cars: pre-1991 GTIs under 2 litres + Superberlines (under 2 litres) Prominent drivers: Youngtimers: Piau, Quagliozzi, Gimonet, Moreau, Chaulan, Aumard/Aumard, Morel, Grandpierre (Honda Civic), Maehr (R5 GT), Latz (Golf GTI), etc. Superberline: Gosset (Opel Vectra), Giraud/Cabbarou (BMW 320), Pozzobon (Alfa 156). FRENCH HISTORIC ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIP 200 km Historic Tour The race: Saturday 5.30pm (90 minutes). The cars: Protos/GTs/cars eligible for Historic Tour grids. Prominent drivers: Martin/Vallery-Masson (Debora), Michel/ " Nelson ", (Chevron B19), Châteaux (Chevron B16), Kohler (Ford GT40), Guermonprez (Grac), Dauxerre, Renaut (Porsche 911), Lagache/Lagache/Delbreil (Porsche 914), Roche/Roche, Pargamin, Gilles/Cairat (Lotus Seven), Besson (Clio V6), etc.

IN THE PADDOCK In the paddock, the Historic Tour's partners' village includes the stands of Oreca (sale of competition parts), Sodipneu/Sodifuel (tyre and fuel supplies) and Stand 21 (made-to-measure driver safety equipment). The traditional Kennol Awards will honour a deserving driver from each grid. France Toner, LP Tent, Ellegi Motori, Yokohama, AM Paris and Assurances Lestienne are all valued partners of the Historic Tour. THE SCHEDULE Friday 20 October: Private practice from 8.30am to 2.30pm. Qualifying from 2.40pm to 6.45pm. Saturday 21 October: Qualifying from 8.35am to 9.55am and from 11.55am to 12.15pm. Races (10) from 10.05am to 11.40am and from 1.45pm to 7pm. Sunday 22 October: Races (11) from 8.40am to 12.20pm and from 2.00pm to 4.55pm. Advance ticket sales online (www.hvmracing.fr): 2-day pass 15 Euros (on site 20 Euros), 1-day pass: 10 Euros (on site 15 Euros). Grid Walk option: 10 Euros/day. Free entry for under-15s.

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