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Dijon Motors Cup | Film of the week-end

Dijon Motors Cup | Film of the week-end

The passion for historic racing cars knows no boundaries... The proof is in the fact that this weekend, drivers from some fifteen different countries came to indulge their passion on the Circuit Dijon-Prenois. The 17 races at the meeting confirmed the appeal of the sport and the pleasure shared by drivers and spectators alike. 

See you on 4, 5 & 6 October 2024 for the eleventh edition!


17: the number of races.

251: the number of drivers taking part this weekend.

14: the number of nationalities represented.

212: the number of cars entered this weekend.

46: the number of cars on the largest grid (300km).

7: the number of grids.


At the end of the weekend's double or triple confrontations for some grids, the Dijon Motors Cup will have been the epilogue of several major European Series, Challenge or Championships. This was particularly true of the P9 Challenge, HSCC Historic Formula 2 and Lotus Cup Europe grids, which played out their finals on Sunday. 

Walter HOFFMAN (McLaren MC1) claimed a triple victory in the Colmore YTCC and Kennet PERSSON (Ford GT40) won the 300km Dijon + SuperSixties by NKHTGT event. In the 6A category of the P9 Challenge, Hermann SPECK won the title in his Porsche 991 GT3 R generation II. 

Micahel GIBBINS also had a superb weekend with three podium finishes in three races at the AutoPassion Sports RCC: Protos Pré90, including two wins on Sunday.


Manfredo ROSSI, winner of race 2 of the HSCC Historic Formula 2 Pré 79: "It was a nice surprise, I wasn't expecting it, especially as Matthew Watts was very fast. We were all relatively compact in the first few laps and then suddenly there was oil all over the circuit and we all went off in all directions. In the end it gave me a small buffer lead of 3-4 seconds that I managed, it was really the management of the track conditions that was crucial."

Franz KONRAD (17 participations in the 24 Hours of Le Mans), driver of the P9 Challenge LMP3 and Team Manager of his KONRAD Motorsport team: "It's a fantastic weekend, I love this circuit, I haven't been here since 1989/1990, at the time of the 500 km of Dijon in the World Sports Car Championship. It's a great idea to mix the modern and historic grids.

Laurent VALLERY-MASSON (HVM Racing), organiser of the event: "We can truly say that the event was a success. Having only foreign competitors here in formats that are a little different from what we're used to is always a challenge. For the first time, we welcomed a one-design Ferrari field: the Ferrari Club Deutschland, which was a great moment for motor sport enthusiasts. The public turned out in force, which is a good indicator that the format is popular. So yes, it's a very positive result. The show lived up to its promise.


Saturday :

P9 Challenge: GT3 Series - Sprint: 1. SOUFI D / KONRAD F, 2. ALZEN J / SCHNEIBNER T, 3. SPECK Hermann

AutoPassion Sports RCC : Protos Pré90 : 1. Joshua LAW, 2. Michael GIBBINS, 3. David HOUGHTON

HSCC Historic Formula 2 : 1. Matthew WATTS, 2. Manfredo ROSSI, 3. Matthew WRIGLEY 

Lotus Cup Europe : 1. Tamas VIZIN, 2. Thierry VERHIEST, 3. Rainer BORGENS

Colmore YTCC: 1. Walter HOFFMAN, 2. Beat GUBLER, 3. Cor EUSER

P9 Challenge : GT3 Series - Endurance : 1. TWERASER G / COACH M, 2. ALZEN J / SCHNEIBNER T, 3. SOUFI D / KONRAD F

300 km of Dijon + SuperSixties by NKHTGT: 1. Kennet PERSSON, 2. HYETT R / HYETT C, 3. Philippe VERMAST.

Sunday :

Colmore YTCC 

Race 2: 1. Walter HOFFMAN, 2. Marc HAURI, 3. Hans HAUSER

Race 3: 1. Walter HOFFMAN, 2. Marc HAURI, 3. Hans HAUSER

AutoPassion Sports RCC 

Race 2: 1 Micahel GIBBINS, 2 David HOUGHTON, 3 Joshua LAW

Race 3: 1 Micahel GIBBINS, 2 Joshua LAW, 3 David HOUGHTON

Ferrari Club Deutschland :

Race 1: 1. Uwe LAUER, 2. Andreas FELBINGER-FORSTER, 3. Walter Ben DORRENBERG

Race 2: 1. Uwe LAUER, 2. Walter Ben DORRENBERG, 3. Andreas FELBINGER-FORSTER

Lotus Cup Europe: 1. Tamas VIZIN, 2. Thierry VERHIEST, 3. Rainer BORGENS

P9 Challenge : GT3 Series - Sprint : 1. ALZEN J / SCHEIBNER T, 2. SOUFI D / KONRAD F, 3. REINBOLD M / HOCHBERGER P. 

SuperSixties by NKHTGT: 1 Kennet PERSSON, 2 CAMPAGNE M / IZAKS J, 3 Bob STEVENS.

HSCC Historic Formula 2 Pre 79 : 1. Manfredo ROSSI, 2. Alex KAPADIA, 3. Matthew WRIGLEY


The Dijon Motors Cup 2024 on 4, 5 & 6 October.

All the weekend's results can be found at: www.its-results.com

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