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12: The number of races on Sunday.

141: The number of race laps completed today.

0.262 of a second: the smallest gap of the day between a winner and the next closest competitor (Lotus Trophy).

1'48.619: the fastest time achieved in the race, all grids combined (Stéphane NGUYEN, SportsProtosCup).


As the season draws to a close on 20-22 October on the Val de Vienne circuit, the French Championship is taking on all its importance!

In the single-seater/rotor category, championship leader Antoine Robert (Formule Renault Turbo) did not make it through the chequered flag at today's race, handing over his place to Matthieu Midy. The two-time Formula Ford Kent winner now has 305 points, just 4 points ahead of François Belle, who is also on a roll with two Formula Ford Historic victories. Gislain Genevant (Formula Ford Historic) completes the podium in third place with 290 points. 

In the GT/Tourisme Post 90 category, Fabrice Lefebvre (Saloon Cars) maintained his 4-point lead over Laurent Fresnais (Roadster Pro Cup). Steeve Hergault, also a Roadster Pro Cup driver, takes third place on the podium with 247 points.

In the GT/Tourisme Pré 90 category, it's status quo. Philippe Gandini and Emmanuel Brigand remain co-champions, with a clean sheet since the start of the season and 320 points on the board! In third place, with 261 points and 4 places gained in the championship over the weekend (best performance), is Antoine Benne, double winner in the Maxi 2L Classic. 

In the French Historic Endurance Championship, the duo of Eric Martin and Laurent Vallery-Masson continue to lead the championship with 146 points, 41 points clear of Jean-Michel Villot (105 points) followed by Gérard Pargemin (97 points).


Emmanuel Brigand, leader of the French GT/Tourism Pre 90 Championship and winner of race 2 (Racing Over 2L): "This weekend, I came back to the Porsche 930 Turbo, leaving aside the RSR with which I had competed in the last two rounds of the championship. It's a car I'm getting to know, so it was a full-scale test! There's still room for improvement, but I'm really satisfied - it's a perfect record.

Laurent Fresnais, runner-up in the French GT/Tourisme Post 90 Championship and winner of race 2 (Roadster Pro Cup): "My win in race 1 meant that today I started in 6th position because we had a reversed grid. I was a bit anxious to be in the pack, all mixed up, but in the end it went well. We didn't jostle too much and I gradually worked my way up and managed to keep my small lead in the second half of the race, while keeping a good look in the rear-view mirror.

Stéphane Nguyen, winner of Race 2 of the SportProtosCup: "Yesterday we had a very simple problem: a terminal disconnected and we lost the whole battery. It was a silly fault... I had the fastest race time of the day and today the start went well, so I was able to get back up there! It was very slippery and I wasn't able to do my time of yesterday, but I'm happy with the result because I'm keeping the championship in my sights and staying in the race for victory.

Last night was the penultimate race of the 200km Historic Tour, with Josserand De Murard (Giada T118 Alfa) taking victory ahead of Jean-Michel Villot (Osella PA8) and Xavier MICHEL (Chevron B19).


Formula Ford Kent Trophy 

Race 1: 1 Matthieu MIDY, 2 Gislain GENECAND, 3 Christian VAGLIO-GIORS

Race 2: 1 Matthieu MIDY, 2 Arnaud DOUSSE, 3 Gislain GENECAND

Youngtimers GTI CUP 

Race 1: 1 Franck QUAGLIOZZI, 2 Julien PIAU, 3 Damien BENJAMIN

Race 2: 1. Julien PIAU, 2. Frédéric CHAULAN, 3. Fabien AUMARD

Superberline 2.0l

Race 1: 1. Franck CABARROU, 2. Philippe GOSSET, 3. Florian POZZOBON

Race 2: 1. Florian CABARROU 2. Florian POZZOBON, 3. Philippe GOSSET

Racing Over 2L : 1. Emmanuel BRIGAND, 2. Sebastien CALAS, 3. Olivier DUSAILLY

GT Classic: 1 Laurent SABATIER, 2 Patrick DELANNOY, 3 Jean-Pierre GAILLARD

Saloon Cars: 1 Fabrice LEFEBVRE, 2 Vincent DELARCHE, 3 Thierry CUYNET

Roadster Pro Cup: 1 Laurent FRESNAIS, 2 Mathis VISENTIN, 3 Michael BLANC

Formula Ford Historic Challenge :

Category A: 1 Nicolas LEBLOND, 2 Tony ROLLET, 3 Paul McMORRAN

Category B: 1 François BELLE, 2 Gislain GENECAND, 3 Alain GIRARDET

F3 1000 cm3 : 1. Christoph WIDMER, 2. François DEROSSI, 3. Roland FISCHER

SportProtosCup : 1. Stéphane NGUYEN, 2. Josserand DE MURARD, 3. Alexandre DOUGNAC

F3 Classic Trophy: 1. Christian VAGLIO-GIORS, 2. Laurent VALLERY-MASSON, 3. Bruno HOUZELOT

Formula Renault Turbo Trophy: 1. Lionel ROBERT, 2. Jean-Charles MONNET

Formula Renault Atmo Trophy: 1. Benoit BAGUR, 2. Georges TOMSEN, 3. Denis EMPOIS

Lotus Trophy: 1 Dominique VULLIEZ, 2 Nicolas BELOOU, 3 Philippe KOENIG 

Maxi 2L Classic: 1. Antoine BENNE, 2. Malivai CASTELLI, 3. Patrick CHALENDARD

Maxi 1300 Series: 1 Philippe GANDINI, 2 François POUILLON, 3 Michel WILDERS

F1 was back at Magny-Cours this weekend with 4 single-seaters on track. In his record attempt, Klaas Zwart set a time of 1'25.383. No record was broken, but the spectators marvelled at the sound of the V10 in the 2010 Jaguar ex Webber, as well as the V12s in the two 2008 Panoz Superleague cars and the V8 in the 1989 Rial, which was on hand for the occasion.

All the day's results can be found at: www.its-results.com

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