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9: The number of races on Saturday.

313: the number of drivers entered this weekend.

42: the number of cars on the largest grid (Lotus Trophy).

1'48.051: the fastest time achieved in a race, all grids combined (Christian Perrier in SportProtosCup).


Antoine Robert, winner of the Formula Renault Turbo (from the back of the grid): "It's really nice to have a challenge like this, to start last and go as far as possible! In the event, I managed to go on and claim victory, which wasn't a foregone conclusion with the technical problems we had the day before, so it was a bit of a compromise.

Dominique Vulliez, first in the Lotus Trophy and second in the day's race: "I think it's very complicated in a Lotus to be French champion. It's already good to be in the Top 3! For the moment, I'm leading the trophy and if I don't have any breakdowns or problems, things should go well.

Fabrice Lefebvre, leader of the French Post 90 Championship, competing in Saloon Cars: "7 podiums out of 7 races, the stars are aligned, the reliability and consistency are there. I'm very satisfied and I hope to do as well in Race 2!


Roadster Pro Cup: 1 Laurent FRESNAIS, 2 Mathis VISENTIN, 3 Steeve HERGAULT

SportProtosCup: 1 Josserand DE MURARD, 2 Christian PERRIER, 3 Francis DOUGNAC

GT Classic: 1 Laurent SABATIER, 2 Patrick DELANNOY, 3 Jean-Pierre GAILLARD

Saloon Cars: 1 Fabrice LEFEBVRE, 2 Thierry CUYNET, 3 Eric EMPOIS

Racing Over 2L: 1 Emmanuel BRIGAND, 2 Sébastien CALAS, 3 Jean-Jacques GRAVIER

F3 Classic Trophy: 1. Laurent VALLERY-MASSON, 2. Christian VAGLIO-GIORS, 3. Carlos ANTUNES TAVARES


Formula Renault Turbo Trophy: 1 Antoine ROBERT, 2 Lionel ROBERT, 3 Jean-Charles MONNET

Formula Renault Atmo Trophy: 1. Benoît BAGUR, 2. Georges TOMSEN, 3. Denis EMPOIS

Formula Ford Historic Challenge :

Cat A: 1 Michel GHIO, 2 Paul MCMORRAN, 3 Tony ROLLET

Cat B: 1 François BELLE, 2 Gislain GENECAND, 3 Alain GIRARDET

F3 1000 cm3 : 1. Christoph WIDMER, 2. Roland FISCHER, 3. Ludovic INGWILLER

Lotus Trophy: 1 Anthoni VETRO, 2 Dominique VULLIEZ, 3 Nicolas BELOOU

Maxi 2L Classic: 1. Antoine BENNE, 2. Jean-Pierre RICHELMI, 3. Malivai CASTELLI

Maxi 1300 Series: 1. Philippe GANDINI, 2. David BARRERE, 3. François POUILLON

This evening also sees the 200km Historic Tour race. Josserand DE MURARD will start from pole position with a time of 1.49.476. You can find the results of the race in the press release at the end of the meeting.

The two races of the Youngtimers GTI CUP, Superberline 2.0l and Formule Ford Kent will take place on Sunday.


12 other races, from 8.30am to 12.30pm and from 1.40pm to 6.20pm.

All the day's results can be found at: www.its-results.com

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