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11: The number of races on Sunday.

180: the number of laps of the circuit covered during the day.

32°: the temperature at the hottest point of the day.


Michel GHIO, winner of the Formula Ford Historic Challenge France category A: "Super moment, clean overtaking, I've been fighting hard since the start of the season, it's a good reward for the team and for me because everything is working well whereas the start of the weekend was catastrophic because we had to change the engine, the reward is enormous for everyone".

Régis PREVOST, first weekend in F3 Classic: "It's good, very physical, especially here at Lédenon, even more so with the F3s than with the Formula Fords with the aerodynamic support, it's much more precise than a Ford, it sits very well, it's very pleasant to drive."


The day after the Historic Tour de Lédenon, the most prominent drivers in the French Historic Circuit Championship now have six results (two per meeting) out of the ten possible this season. Matthieu Midy, who was still unbeaten before his trip to the Slate region, suffered a defeat in the Formula Ford Kent. As a result, he leaves Antoine Robert alone at the helm of the championship in single-seaters/rotos. With six wins from six races, the driver from Le Mans remains more than ever the leading driver in Formula Renault Classic. On the other hand, the status quo remains unchanged in the pre-90s GT/Touring championship, with Philippe Gandini (Maxi 1300 Series) and Emmanuel Brigand (Racing Over 2L) adding two more victories to their tally and maintaining their lead at the top of the standings. In the post-90s GT/Touring championship, Grégory Yvetot (Saloon Cars) lost his lead after mechanical problems during the race. He gives way to Fabrice Lefebvre (Saloon Cars), who is alone in the lead with 210 points, 4 points ahead of Laurent Fresnais (Roadster Pro Cup).


200 km Historic Tour (Saturday evening): 1. E. MARTIN & L. VALLERY-MASSON, 2. Jean-Michel VILLOT, 3. Jean-Pierre DESTOMBES

GT Classic Trophy - Race 1: 1. Patrick DELANNOY, 2. Yvon GINDRE, 3. Andrew COOPER

Race 2: 1 Patrick DELANNOY, 2 Jean-Pascale ROCHE, 3 Philippe SMANIATTO

Saloon Cars Trophy - Race 1: 1 Grégory Yvetot, 2 Vincent DELARCHE, 3 Fabrice LEFEBVRE

Race 2: 1 Vincent DELARCHE, 2 Fabrice LEFEBVRE, 3 Eric EMPOIS

Youngtimers GTI Cup: 1. Clémentine LHOSTE, 2. Frédéric CHAULAN, 3. Jean-François GIMONET

Superberline 2.0 l: 1. Philippe GOSSET, 2. Frédéric HEBETTE, 3. Florian POZZOBON

Roadster Pro Cup: 1. Laurent FRESNAIS, 2. Michael BLANC, 3. Mathis VISENTIN

Racing Over 2L: 1 Emmanuel BRIGAND, 2 Olivier DUSAILLY, 3 Franck JULIEN

Formula Ford Kent Trophy: 1 Arnaud DOUSSE, 2 Gislain GENECAND, 3 Matthieu MIDY

SportProtosCup: 1 Stéphane NGUYEN, 2 Manfredo ROSSI DI MONTELERA, 3 Josserand DE MURARD

Lotus Trophy: 1 Xavier JACQUET, 2 Nicolas BELOOU, 3 Philippe KOENIG

F3 Classic Trophy: 1 Davide LEONE, 2 Eric MARTIN, 3 Laurent VALLERY-MASSON


Formula Renault Turbo Trophy: 1 Antoine ROBERT, 2 Lionel ROBERT, 3 Jean-Charles MONNET

Formula Renault Atmo Trophy: 1 Dean RIMBERT, 2 Benoît BAGUR, 3 Denis EMPOIS

Maxi 2L Classic: 1 Jean-Pierre RICHELMI, 2 Geoffroy ROSEMBLY, 3 Malivai CASTELLI

Maxi 1300 Series: 1. Philippe GANDINI, 2. Benjamin DUPUY, 3. Jean-Pierre DESTOMBES

Formula Ford Historic Challenge: 1 Gislain GENECAND, Augustin SANJUAN, 3 NELSON


Round #4: The Historic Tour de Nevers Magny-Cours, from September 29 to October 1.

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