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Historic Tour Lédenon | 16 - 17 - 18 june 2023

Historic Tour Lédenon | 16 - 17 - 18 june 2023


At the heart of its ninth season, the Historic Tour continues its tour of France. After stopping off at Dijon-Prenois and Albi, the drivers will be heading for an equally traditional and popular destination from 16 to 18 June. For the third of five events on the 2023 calendar, they will be heading for the Gard region and the outskirts of Nîmes, where they will find the Lédenon circuit.

In operation for 50 years, this circuit is well known for the strong character of its 3.150km layout, with its many climbs and descents following the contours of the surrounding garrigue. Another special feature is that, unlike most other tracks, it is run in a counter-clockwise direction. Finally, its most famous bend, the famous "triple left" that you have to negotiate as soon as you cross the start line, is a piece of bravery in itself.

As with every Historic Tour meeting, the programme over the three days promises to be gargantuan, with a Friday of testing followed by a weekend of 21 different races. In other words, there will be a double confrontation on each of the 10 grids, as well as the 90-minute endurance race on Saturday. And as always, there will be plenty of opportunities for the public to see racing cars of all kinds in action (single-seaters, protos, GTs, Touring cars), survivors of half a century of motor sport, from the 50s for the oldest to the 90s for the most recent. Some 220 cars are expected to be driven by 240 drivers from all over France and neighbouring European countries. 

For the occasion, the Formula Ford Historic Challenge is set to be the most crowded, with 31 cars expected on the grid, while the Lotus Trophy and Formula Ford Kent Trophy grids are also approaching the thirty mark.

Finally, as is customary this season, two races (the Formula Ford Historic on Saturday and the Trophée Lotus the following day) will be preceded by a 'Grid Walk', in other words a 15-minute period during which the starting grid will be accessible to spectators who have opted for this attractive option.


This year's Historic Tour competitions are divided into four separate FFSA French championships. As the season reaches its halfway point, the results of the Lédenon round will be of the utmost importance for their outcome. So it's only natural that the current leaders should honour the meeting at Lédenon. In the single-seater/rotor category, Antoine Robert (1986 Martini MK48 from Formula Renault Classic) and Matthieu Midy (Van Diemen RF90/1990 from Formula Ford Kent) will be on hand to defend their lead, Philippe Gandini (Maxi 1300 Series Mini Jem/1967) and Emmanuel Brigand (Racing Over 2L Porsche 930/1980) in GT/Touring Pre 90, Grégory Yvetot (Saloon Cars Porsche 964/1992) in GT/Touring Post 90, and Eric Martin/Laurent Vallery-Masson (Debora SP91/1992) in Endurance. As for their challengers, most of them will also be travelling to the Gard region.



Formula Ford Kent Trophy

Races: Saturday 10.05 and Sunday 11.15 (2 x 25 mins).

Cars: Pre-1993 Formula Ford Kent single-seaters + Formula Ford Zetec cars not included in the trophy.

Prominent drivers: Genecand, Sanjuan, Dousse, Vaglio-Giors, "Nelson", Midy, Monteiro, Faucher, Bouquet, Davey, Leuber, Rougemont (Van Diemen), Kozyreff, Tomsen, Deridder (Reynard), Richard (Crosslé), Verhille (Lola), Weiss (Swift), etc.


Races: Saturday 11.20 and Sunday 11.55 (2 x 25 mins).

The cars: Sport-Protos from before 1995.

Featured drivers: Rossi, Villot (Osella), Nguyen, Bouvet/Perrier, Amoros (Lucchini), Kolly, Contre (Lola), Dougnac (Epsilon), De Murard (Giada), Berrezai (Merlin), Terrones (Chapman), Rossiaud/Le Jean (Hydra), etc.

F3 Classic Trophy

Races: Saturday 3.05pm and Sunday 2.40pm (2x30 min).

Races run in conjunction with the Formula Renault Classic Trophy.

The cars: F3 single-seaters from before 1985.

Prominent drivers: D.Leone, Lajoux, Vaglio-Giors, Lacour (March), Vallery-Masson, Tavarès, Coppini, Delannoy (Ralt), Rossi, Martin, Eynard-Machet, Houzelot (Martini), Michel (Chevron), Prévost (Argo), etc.

Formula Renault Classic Trophy

Races: Saturday 3.05pm and Sunday 2.40pm (2 x 30 mins).

Races run in conjunction with the F3 Classic Trophy.

The cars: Formula Renault cars (atmo and turbo) from before 1995.

Prominent drivers: A.Robert, L.Robert, Monnet, Mottez, Bagur, Tomsen (Martini), Rimbert, Empois (Orion), etc.

Formula Ford Historic Challenge

Races: Saturday 1.50pm and Sunday 4.05pm (2 x 25 mins).

The cars: Pre-1982 Formula Ford single-seaters.

The drivers: Belle, Verhille (Lola), Genecand, Michel, Richard, Vaglio-Giors, McMorran, Eynard Machet (Crosslé), Sanjuan, "Nelson", Colombat, Ogier (Van Diemen), Ghio, Baert (Merlyn), Crocker (Ray), Lecluse (Lotus), Prévost (McNamara), Mantz, Leclerc (Hawke), Dupont (Dulon), etc.


Lotus Trophy

Races: Saturday 4.20pm and Sunday 2.00pm (2 x 30 mins).

The cars: Lotus Seven and old Caterham cars.

The drivers: X.Jacquet, Delhaye, Vulliez, N.Beloou, Cazalot, Gaso, C.Jacquet, P.Metayer, Berrezai, Bouchetal, Odin, Szyndelman, Huret, Koenig, Thiry, Lauber, Vest, Grenot, Mingot, (Lotus Seven), Yvaren, Gronfier, Malec, Coignet (Caterham), etc.

Racing Over 2L

Races: Saturday 10.45 am and Sunday 10.35 am (2 x 25 minutes).

The cars: GT/Touring cars over 2000 cm3 (and those under 2000 cm3 with over 200 bhp) built before 1981. Prominent drivers: Brigand (Porsche 930), Kohler, Dauxerre, Baert (Porsche 911 RS/SC), Besson/Besson (Alpine A310 V6), Julien, Dusailly, Zavattin (Ford Escort RS), Ancelin (Austin Healey 3000), Excoffier/Excoffier (Chevrolet Corvette), etc.

Maxi 2L Classic

Races: Saturday 2.30pm and Sunday 3.25pm (2 x 25 mins).

Races run in conjunction with the Maxi 1300 Series.

The cars: GT/Touring cars with less than 2000 cm3 and less than 200 bhp built before 1981.

Prominent drivers: Richelmi, Benne (Lotus Elan), Kohler (Diva), Breugnot (Alpine A110), Villot (Porsche 914/6), Hofmann/Bail (Ford Escort), etc.

Maxi 1300 Series

Races: Saturday 2.30pm and Sunday 3.25pm (2 x 25 mins).

Races run in conjunction with the Maxi 2L Classic.

The cars: GT/Touring cars under 1300 cm3 built before 1977.

Prominent drivers: Gandini (Jem), Pouillon, Petit/Vidal (Cooper), Destombes (Simca CG), Benjamin (Alpine A106), Grandpierre (Honda S800), etc.


Roadster Pro Cup

Races: Sunday 9.30 am and 9.55 am (2 x 25 minutes).

The cars: First-generation Mazda MX-5s.

Prominent drivers: Fresnais, Hergault, Benjamin, Savin, Bourget, Turbot, Bouchet, Durville, Allard, Blanc, Carreno, Carini/Carini, Darmet, Martin, Visentin, Bessiere, Brunie, Schikowski, Guiton (all on Mazda MX-5s), etc.

Saloon Cars Trophy

Races: Sunday 8.45 am and 4.45 pm (2 x 30 minutes).

Races run in conjunction with the GT Classic Trophy.

The cars: GT/Touring cars from before 1999.

Prominent drivers: Lefebvre (Audi Quattro), Yvetot (Porsche 964 LMS), Derognat (BMW 323), Empois (BMW E21), Delarche, Vulin (Caterham), Lortal, Trichet (Lotus Elise), Verney (R5 GT), Fachinetti (Camaro), Pirio (Jidé), Beck (Datsun 240Z), etc.

GT Classic Trophy

Races: Sunday 8.45am and 4.45pm (2 x 30 mins).

Races run in conjunction with the Saloon Cars Trophy.

The cars: Pre-1998 GTs.

Prominent drivers: Sabatier (Porsche 964), Spirgi (Porsche 964 turbo), Roche/Roche (Porsche 996), Gaillard (Porsche 928), Besson (Clio V6), Rosembly (BMW Z3M), Gindre (Porsche 993), etc.

Youngtimers GTI Cup + Superberline 2.0l

Races: Saturday 3.45pm and Sunday 9.20am (2 x 25 minutes).

The cars: Pre-1991 GTIs under 2 litres + Superberlines (under 2 litres)

The drivers: Youngtimers: Piau, Gimonet, Mouty, Grandpierre, Chaulan (Honda Civic), Faucogney (R5 GT), Vitry, Raoux (Golf GTI), etc.

Superberline: Hebette (Renault Laguna), Gosset (Opel Vectra), Cabarrou/Giraud (BMW 320), Pozzobon (Alfa 156), etc.


200 km Historic Tour

 The race: Saturday 5.00 pm (90 minutes).

The cars: Protos/GTs/cars eligible for Historic Tour grids. Prominent drivers: Martin/Vallery-Masson (Debora), Leone/Coppini (Lola), Villot (Osella), Perrier/Bouvet (Lucchini), Gache/Richelmi (Porsche 934), Destombes (Peugeot 905), Roche/Roche (Porsche 996), Lortal/Delarche (Lotus Elise), Pargamin (Lotus Seven), Kohler, Baert/Moreau (Porsche 911), Besson (Clio V6), etc.


In the paddock, the Historic Tour's partners' village includes stands from Oreca (sale of competition parts), Sodipneu/Sodifuel (tyre and fuel supplies) and Stand 21 (made-to-measure driver safety equipment). The traditional Kennol Awards will honour a deserving driver from each grid. France Toner, LP Tent, Ellegi Motori, Yokohama, AM Paris and Assurances Lestienne are all valued partners of the Historic Tour.


Friday 16 June: Private practice from 8.30am to 1pm. Qualifying from 2.05pm to 6.30pm. Saturday 17 June: Qualifying from 8.30am to 9.20am and from 11.55am to 12.20pm. Races (10) from 9.30am to 11.45am and from 1.50pm to 6.30pm. Sunday 18 June: Races (11) from 8.45am to 12.20pm and from 2pm to 5.10pm.

Advance ticket sales online (www.hvmracing.fr): 2-day pass 15 Euros (on site 20 Euros), 1-day pass: 10 Euros (on site 15 Euros). Grid Walk option: 10 Euros/day. Free entry for under-15s.

Media contact: presse@hvmracing.fr

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