Race entry 200 Km // HT Dijon 2023
      Race entry 200 Km // HT Dijon 2023

      Race entry 200 Km // HT Dijon 2023

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      Event format: 1 qualifying session of 30 minutes + 1 race of 90 minutes with 2 mandatory pit stops.

      From 2023 onwards and in order to facilitate your entries, we ask you to create your "DRIVER" and "CAR" profiles. This action allows you to automatically generate the entry form which is automatically transferred to us. This saves time for you and for us!

      discounted rate : if registration before April 21, 2023 at 12:00.

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      Entries are open to Tourism, GTs and Protos eligible for one of the Trophies, Cups, Challenges or Series of the Historic Tour including their "guest" categories. These cars must comply in all respects with the regulations of the Trophy for which they are eligible.

      Single-seaters are not accepted.

      Refuelling is allowed. 2 pit stops for driver change are mandatory. (Minimum time 2'30min). Teams of 1 to 3 drivers possible.

      - The first stop must be made between the 22nd and 38th minute of the race.

      - The second stop must take place between the 52nd and the 68th minute of the race.

      Only during these stop windows: the cars will be able to go to the refuelling area.

      In accordance with article 7.5 of the standard regulations for asphalt circuits: Refuelling is only possible in the dedicated zone with a maximum of 20L per stop. Fuel distribution will be carried out only by the teams of the official supplier Sodifuel. These teams will be equipped with balaclavas, non-flammable gloves conforming to FIA standards and FIA 86 standard overalls and protective glasses. The use of radios and mobile phones is forbidden in the refuelling area.

      The zone will be dedicated exclusively to refuelling. It will be closed to the public and only officials, security teams, pit crews and the driver will be allowed to enter. 2 pumps will be installed and it is possible that the competitor will have to wait for a pump to become available.

      Competitors of the Historic Tour may enter either their car already entered in one of the series or a second car as long as it is eligible for one of the regulations of the Historic Tour trophies.

      Licences :

      Drivers could have a National or International valid race licence. In case of National race licences, drivers have to hold an authorization to participate to the race from their local ASN, except for MSA Licence “Race National A”.

      Transponders :Competitors must be equipped with Chronelec / Tag Heuer by Chronelec Elite transponders or ITS Chrono transponders, type Cobra 360, available at this link: https://www.itschrono.com/fr/16-transpondeurs

      Renting is possible with the timekeeper’s office: 50€ for the event.

      Timekeeping : Florent Renault frenault.chronometrage@orange.fr / 06 75 07 88 22



      If the request is received between 10 days and more before the competition, no deduction will be applied and the change of event will be free of charge.

      If the request is received in the last 10 days* before the event, the registration will be postponed according to the conditions below:

      If registration and payment at the reduced rate, 100 € will be withheld

      If registration and payment at the normal rate, 30% deduction

      *The date of calculation is the opening date of the reception of the competitors and therefore the Thursday before the qualifying practice.

      No reimbursement can be made in case of absence, withdrawal or withdrawal once the administrative checks have been carried out.

      By booking this products, you accept the terms and conditions of sales by clicking here and general regulation by clicking here.

      177 Items

      Data sheet

      choix du circuit
      Historic Tour Dijon
      5-6-7 mai 2023
      Clôture des engagements
      21 avril 2023 à 12h00
      Avec pilote 3
      Contribution financière inscription
      1 séance d'essais qualificatifs de 30 minutes + 1 course de maximum 90 minutes
      Contribution financière Trophée
      50€ TTC / équipage
      Contribution financière pilote non inscrit
      Obligation d'inscription de l'équipage
      Contribution financière inscription tarif
      1040€ TTC Tarif normal // 990€ TTC Tarif remisé

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